1877 BRADLEY & HUBBARD Cast Iron Hanging Lamp

This auction offers a handsome Bradley & Hubbard cast iron hanging ceiling lamp that was patented in 1877. The intricate casting makes the frame especially attractive. The lamp would have had a white glass shade and smoke bell that are missing. The clear glass font has the "B&H" filler cap so I believe it is original. The lamp has been electrified but should be easy to restore. Obviously the chain has been shortened since the overall length now is about 23". The frame measures 12" across at the widest point. The cast iron has been lightly painted with a bronze-like finish. The top of the frame is marked with the maker's name and patent date. Very similar lamps are pictured on page 190 of the Thuro book "Oil Lamps 3". I am far from an expert but the condition appears to be excellent with no apparent damage of repairs. I have only the parts pictured and the lamp is sold "as is". This attractive Bradley & Hubbard cast iron hanging lamp will be a welcome addition to a collection! The cost of U.S. Parcel Post shipping and very careful packing varies with your postal zone. Please see the USPS estimate above.

Thanks to a very helpful eBayer for letting me know the counter balance weight is missing.