1878 8TF Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS63 - Colorful Peripheral Toning! Attractive!


1878 8 Tail Feather Morgan Silver Dollar Certified by NGC as MS63


- A choice uncirculated example with colorful, naturally-developed peripheral toning!

- The coin has been certified and encapsulated by NGC as being MS63 (Mint-State 63/70). Whatever marks you may see in the coin's fields/devices occurred while the coin was in its original mint-issued canvas bag (referred to by many as "bag marks").

- Surfaces are free of any deep, distracting abrasions! All contact marks are well-distributed.

- Both the obverse and reverse have developed some truly original and very colorful surface toning, with colors ranging from dark blue to light golden-yellow!

- Struck at the Philly Mint over a century ago!

- First year of the Morgan Silver Dollar's production!

- The scarcer 8TF variety! A must-have for anyone looking to assemble a variety set of Morgans!

- A very attractive, lustrous, and well-rounded example that'd look great in any collection of Morgan Silver Dollars, whether it be novice's or an expert's!

- This is certainly a coin you don't see every day, so take this
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