This is an 1878 (Philadelphia Mint) Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-62, Choice Mint State. Pulled from a collection that I put together over many years. (My very own "Hoard").

It is ANACS certified, and a VAM-33 . This nice VAM-33, weak strike is a 7/4 tailfeather variety that shows four faint tail feathers emerging below the strong 7 feathers.

Four feather ends showing; strong one under 4 TF and two faint ones between 4 & 5 TF and 5 & 6 TF, and a very faint tail feather shows under 6 TF. Eagle's legs are one and one half times normal width with doubled talons. Design remains in olive leaves, below branch on left and center of wreath bow.

The coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive. No "Stock" photos

Please judge the condition for yourself.

If there is a specific year or mint mark you are lookin g for, drop me an Ebay -note, and I'll search through my "stuff", see if I can find it.

I made very close-up pictures of these coins. I can post more if there are specific areas you would like to see better. Just ask. I want you to be able to judge for yourself what the condition and grade should be. No surprises. Grading can be highly subjective, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". So, you be the judge.

Items are from a smoke-free environment.

I am not a coin dealer. I
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