1878 Morgan 7 Tail Feathers 2nd Rev 7/8 VAM-40 7/5 KEY

1878 Morgan 7 Tail Feathers 2nd Rev 7/8 VAM Error 7/5 Search
Up for bid is an 1878 Silver Morgan Dollar. This is a VAM error, looks alot like the VAM-40 , please see . This is the 2nd reverse. This has 7/5 tail feathers, below the 2nd, which is weak, in between the 2nd & 3rd, the 3rd & 4th, the 4th & 5th and the 5th and 6th tail feathers. Markers that I see are the extended/doubled? end of the middle arrow, the rounded mound under the olive branch left of the eagle, extended olive leaf, a die gouge left of the ribbon loop, the broken base on the N & M of UNUM, slight doubling on the right bar of the 7 on date, doubled LI of LIBERTY?, doubled 1st star right of the date is strong, weak doubling on the 2nd and 4th stars, that I can see. Please visit . Die scrape shaped like a sideways letter F on face. Member has posted an answer below on the "Chop Mark" on LIBERTY'S face.
Just letting you know ... it is a VAM 40 and that mark on the face is a Chinese "Chop Mark". It was tradition for the Chinese to mark these identifying origin in their commerce. This is not considered damage by PCGS and NGC ... just an interesting part of history. This was normally done to Trade Dollars but a few Morgans were also "chopped".
Dear snibby63,
The key on the VAM 40 is the missing serifs on the base of the N&M.
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