1879 / Indian Head Cent ends**BANKERS OLD ESTATE*Lincoln Wheat Penny Roll !

Up for auction here - this is one of 10,000+ UNSEARCHED rolls I purchased from the estate of an Eccentric Banker who hoarded old pennies.

is an Un-Searched by me Old Bankers ESTATE Lincoln Cent Wheat / Penny Roll including an 1879 Indian Head cent end coin !!!

( the other end of the roll has the reverse showing of an Indian Head Penny !)

The roll is very tightly packed and not tampered with. It is exactly as I purchased it from the estate hoard of an Eccentric Banker - Unopened. I take a picture of the end coins, that's it!

Eccentric Banker Massive Hoard of Wheat Pennies!

These are Premium Bankers Estate Hoard UN-SEARCHED by me Wheat Penny Rolls and my Feedback History proves it! Here's how I acquired them:

Eccentric Banker hoarded 500,000 + wheat and Indian Head Pennies, died in 1979, inheritance passed to his son, who also inherited the bank. Son left the pennies (mostly in shotgun rolls) in personal vault at the bank. Son is now retiring, and sold ALL of them to me. My connection was through an Estate Planning Attorney. I cashed in one of my retirement accounts, took a leap of faith, and wrote out a very large check to buy all the rolls. I now have 10,000 Bankers Estate Hoard rolls of Wheat Pennies. I was allowed to randomly sample 50 rolls of my choosing before purchasing them, and this
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