1879-O Morgan SILVER Dollar-COIN Looks good to me but I am not a professional

Well, I own two 1879-Os & I can't afford to own duplicates. So you get an opportunity to bid on a Morgan that looks good to me. I took good PICs, so check out the PICs & decide what this coin might Grade. The PICs are the coin you will receive and the starting priceis affordable!

PICs posted on this ad are HIGH PIXEL so that you can check the PICs out carefully & decide what GRADE this Morgan might deserve.

I try hard to 'tell it like I think it REALLY is' when I am selling coins on Ebay. So if you will take a few moments to check out my other coins listed on Ebay right now I am SURE that it will be 'TIME WELL SPENT'. Currently I have several duplicate(for me) QUALITY '63 and '64 Morgans listed along with several duplicate(for me) QUALITY GOLD EAGLES....Who knows a 'few moments well spent' just might help you find that QUALITY MORGAN or QUALITY GOLD EAGLE that you have been spending so much time trying to find!

Please enjoy the bidding and WIN!

They say that SILVER will go up MORE than GOLD this year. So 90% SILVER MORGANS will probably turn out to be an excellent investment in addition to being 'CARTWHEELS' that are FUN to collect!!

All the people who should know say SILVER will go up MORE than GOLD this year. SOooo SILVER coins in general & especially 90%SILVER Morgans will probably
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