Silver Dollars— Liberty head or Morgan, 1878-1904 and 1921

For the resumption of the standard silver dollar series a new design was chosen. The work of George T. Morgan, and tby popularly called the Morgan dollar, it showed a profile head of Liberty backed with an eagle holding arrows and branch. The motto In God We Trust was installed above the eagle in Old English Gothic lettering. On the obverse appeared the slogan E Pluribus Unum. For many years the Morgan dollar was the best known and probably most respected silver “crown” in the world. Artistically the work is superb, rendered all the more impressive by the fact that its detailing did not become easily effaced with use. Morgan’s goal was to fashion for this country a coin which, if it did not carry the financial power of ancient Greek silver pieces, might be regarded as their equal in design.

The Morgan dollar remained unchanged in weight and composition throughout its history. It was comprised of nin parts silver to one part copper and weighed 412.5 grains. The diameter is 38.1mm. After having been struck in large quantities for two and a half decades, production sometimes exceeding 30 million pieces annually, it was suspended in 1904 because of a shortage of silver. Striking was resumed in 1921, but only briefly, as the new Peace dollar was introduced that
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