Very rare and important, ca1880's Figural Countertop Cigar Lighter in the form of a young boy dressed as a Civil War Zouave Soldier. This fantastic figural gas cigar lighter measures approx. 11 3/4" tall and 4 3/4" square at the base. The Boy wears a haversack on his back, billowing "pantaloons" tucked into short boots and a shirt cinched at the waist with a belt. He holds a long staff like brass shaft from which the gas flame for lighting cigars would burn at the top. The figure itself is made of a heavy white metal and retains a significant amount of its original, silver colored surface patina. This rare and wonderful, countertop figural cigar lighter is mounted on what appears to be its original, black marble base and retains what appears to be its original stopcock valve projecting from the rear of the lighter base. The detail of the casting is simply fantastic and the overall look is simply stunning. The lighter is in excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, alterations, repairs or damage of any kind. It lacks the upper section of the burner as well as the shade spider and shade but is otherwise complete and appears to be in excellent working condition. This type of Figural Countertop Cigar Lighter would have graced the Bar in a 19th century Saloon or the Counter of a 19th century Tobacconist. It is one of the rarest and ... read more