1880-P TONED MORGAN - NGC VF30 - rare this grade - coppery color, tougher date

My approach on circulated Morgans is simple. If it's a relatively scarce date (or an absolutely rare date) and the coin is in original condition, it deserves to be graded and preserved. Yes, the cost of grading and certification has to be taken into consideration. After all, NGC charges over $20 to grade a single coin and put it in their holder/data base.
Given the choice, most Morgan collectors would much prefer a mint state graded example of this tough date over a raw coin. But there's a problem which prevents it. Namely, very few circulated coins from 1880 in Philadelphia can be graded and about all that's ever available are mint state examples.
Not every collector wants or needs a mint state coin in this date. After all, they start just under a hundred bucks and soar in price to almost $800 for a MS65. The MS66 coin in this date has a $3,000 price tag. Might as well be $300 billion because very few people can spend that kind of money on a single date unless it's one of the few "keys" in the series. This date is not a key to be sure but it is very unusual to find one graded as VF 30 by NGC or PCGS. Together, they've only graded 41 coins in VF 30 (18 at PCGS and 23 at NGC). So this coin is one of only 41 examples of the date that exist in a VF30 holder backed
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