1880's Signed Tiffany Broadway Sterling Ivory Knife Wow

Antique, 1880's polished steel, sterling, and ivory gentleman's hunting knife issued and signed by "Tiffany Broadway New York". Pictures can not do this knife justice as it is in almost mint condition with one small hairline in the ivory handle due to age. Pommel is of an unknown metal. Research on the train etching indicates it could be of the famous "The Best Friend of Charleston". This was the first locomotive to pull a train, and began public services on Jan. 15, 1831. It was the first railroad with regular services under steam power. We leave it to the experts to determine for sure. This and over 1500 other authentic items can be personally viewed in our galley. 2752 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ. Phone #
Dimensions: 12" Long X 2" Wide at the guard