1881-S 1882 1883-O Morgan Dollar 3 PC Lot

1881-S UNC, 1882-AU, 1883-O UNC Full Feathers on Obverse-Beautiful Coins

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The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin minted intermittently from 1878 to 1921. It was the first standard silver dollar minted since production of that denomination ceased due to the passage of the Fourth Coinage Act , an act which also ended the free coining of silver . The coin is named for its designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan . The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Liberty , while the reverse depicts an eagle with wings outstretched.

The dollar was authorized by the Bland–Allison Act . Following the passage of the Fourth Coinage Act, mining interests lobbied to restore the free coinage. Instead, the Bland–Allison Act was passed, which required the Treasury to purchase between two and four million dollars worth of silver at market value to be coined into dollars each month. In 1890, the Bland–Allison Act was repealed by the Sherman Silver Purchase Act , which required the Treasury to purchase 4,500,000 troy ounces (140,000 kg) of silver each month, but only required further silver dollar production for one year. This act, in turn, was repealed in 18
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