1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Coin PCGS MS64 * CAC * !!!

Up for sale is a beautiful Morgan Silver Dollar in a PCGS HOLDER


CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation):

The CAC little green sticker certifies that this coin is in the upper level of this grade and is considered an investment quality coin. These coins appreciate more than other coins in this grade which is why other dealers charge as much as twice the printed price for CAC certified coins and because only 11% of coins receive the CAC certification. Each grade has 10 levels and the printed price you see is for the coins that fall into the mid-level of the grade. Higher quality coins in that grade trade at a premium to the printed price and, as stated, some dealers believe that they are worth twice as much as the printed price! CAC also guarantees that it will purchase the coin back at the current printed price. It's a little green sticker that delivers a lot of value which is why we only sell CAC certified coins!

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SMFM COINS (T/A New Hope Rare Coins) is heavily involved in the numismatic facet of the business where there is a concentration on quality, integrity, reputation, and character. We sell only certified CAC coins with a 7 day "no questions asked" return policy. Our continuous inventory is in excess of $1.5 Million!

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