1881 Oyster Bay Glen Cove Flushing Port Jefferson Bowne

1881 Magazine Article A Unique Travelogue Describing Many Coastal Towns and Villages on the North Shore of Long Island Up for bids is this rare 1881 magazine article from a prominent American monthly magazine . . "The North Shore of Long Island" by Charles Barnham. ( Documentation will be provided the winner of the auction indicating the date of publication,author and magazine name.SEE FOOTNOTE) This highly informative, 12 page, illustrated magazine article describes the excursions the author experienced piloting a canoe along the north shore of Long Island from New York Harbor to Huntington Bay, Long Island. Barnham does a great job describing what each little coastal town , village and bay was like on his rather quirky, solitary excursion. His choice of a large canoe with a hooded stern was considered by the island natives as rather foolhardy, but he survived at least one big stormy blow to tell this very well-described tale. Locations that are covered by Barnham include Flushing (a rather small town in 1880), Oyster Bay, Glen Cove, Huntington Bay,Manhasset, and others. He does a great job interspersing significant historical facts and anecdotes about most of these locations that the visited. Also included in the article are 13 excellent illustrations John Bowne before Governor Stuyvesant Old Bowne House, Flushing A Family Gathering, ... read more