1882 Pictograph *OGLALA SIOUX CHIEF BIG-ROAD+Warriors

For auction is a striking original ethnographic lithograph of PICTOGRAPHS of a roster of some members of CHIEF BIG-ROAD'S band of OGLALA, SIOUX . This original litho print (Plate L-II) came out of one of the BEST and most sought-after volumes of the famous set of BUREAU of ETHNOLOGY REPORTS.................... the FOURTH ANNUAL REPORT, 1882-83 , Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, J W Powell, Director. The lithograph paper is a rich cream medium grade, with light toning, with no writing on the back. The lithograph print was made by Julius Bien & Co Ltd.

Specific Oglala represented in the pictograph are from top left to bottom right: 1) Chief Big-Road, 2) Bear-Looking-Behind, 3) Brings-Back-Plenty, 4) White-Buffalo, 5) The-Real-Hawk, 6) Shield-Boy, 7) The-Bear-Stops, 8) Wears-the-Feather, 9) Dog-Eagle, 10) Red-Horn-Bull.

The pictograph roster was obtained by Rev. S. D. Hinman at Standing Rock Agency, Dakota, in 1883, from the United States Indian Agent, Major McLaughlin, to whom the original was submitted by Chief Big-Road when brought to the agency and was forced to give an account of his followers. In 1883 Rev. Hinman stated that "Chief Big-Road and his people belong to the northern Oglala, and were lately hostile, having been associated with Sitting-Bull in various depradations and hostilities against
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