1882 O/S Morgan Silver Dollar * New Orleans Mint Coin * Rare Key Date!

Great Looking 1882 O/S Morgan Silver Dollar

One major variety Morgan is the 1882-O/S Morgan Silver Dollar. This variety features a New Orleans "O" mintmark struck over a San Francisco "S" mintmark. The dies were originally designed for the San Francisco Mint and were altered to depict the New Orleans Mint Mark instead. This variety can be identified by noticing how the central portion of the "S" is visible inside the "O". Every collection needs one of these special coins!

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Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1904) - The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most famous and most highly collected U.S. coins of all time. These large Silver coins are known for their value, quality of strike, design, and beauty. Morgan Silver Dollars hold vast historical significance, being a major part of America's early development westward.

Morgan Silver Dollars are some of the most popular collectable coins in America. Their large size and beautifully detailed faces make them a
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