1883 F.B Rogers Silver Hollowware Antique Tea Pot 2391

You are bidding on a rather nifty find from my grandmother's attic. This is a silver plate hollowware teapot by F.B. Rogers Silver Co in pattern number 2391. The teapot stands about 10 inches tall, and is a little over 9 inches wide from spout to handle. The base is 3 inches in diameter, and the pot itself is about 5 inches in diameter at its widest point.

The base , as mentioned above, is 3 inches in diameter and has four ornate feet branching out. Each foot has a detailed flower and leaf motif. On the bottom of the base is the maker's mark, reading as follows: Trade Mark (with a crown between the two words) 18 to the left of the crown and 83 to the right; F.B. Rogers Silver Co.; and 2391 on the last line. I've tried three times to take a picture of the bottom, and my camera is just not doing it right. If I manage to get a decent one, I'll add it on.

The body has a bottom piece and a top piece that are joined by a decorative seam running around the middle. The spout is slightly curved up and about 5 inches long. The bottom of the spout has wavy ornate lines and repeats the flowers from the feet on the base. The handle is elegantly curved, about 6 inches long and looks like half of a heart. T is a flower at the top of the handle.

The lid is hinged on the handle side and opens and closes freely. The lid opens
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