1883 N0-Cents Liberty Nickel - Nice Luster Sharp Detail

1883 Liberty Head Nickel

This is a Nice Collector Coin with SHARP DETAILS – Totally Original with Problem Free Surfaces...VERY NICE COIN!!!

This is the very first year and type of the of the Liberty Design!

This is the first “No Cents” Variety!

The No Cent variety Liberty Nickel is the first type, later in 1883 the word “Cents” was added to the reverse under the “V”. This was done because of a Man (A Deaf and Mute man) named Josh Tatum who gold plated these coins and spent them at retail stores as $5 gold pieces. He was later brought to trial but found innocent because he didn’t say anything to the merchants and they gave him $4.95 change for a 5-cent purchase – which he gladly accepted the gift! This is where the term “your Joshing me” came from
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