1883 Pictograph Oglala Sioux CHIEF IRON-CROW + Warriors

Beautiful ChromoLithograph
Sub-Chief IRON-CROW and his Warriors, Member of CHIEF BIG ROAD and His Band

AntiqueSmithsonian Historical âe" Ethnographic Print âe"

Being offered is the original old antique Smithsonian Ethnographic Lithograph of the Pictograph LVII (57)portraying the PICTORIAL ROSTER of the heads of families of SUB-CHIEF IRON-CROW and his Band of Warriors of Chief Big-Roadâe(tm)s Band of the Northern Oglala Sioux . The traditional Native American artistic composition of each figure is distinctly unique. In this Pictograph t is the sub-chief, twelve warriors, and one woman: 59. Iron-Crow, 60. Running-Horse, 61. Owns-An-Animal-With-Horns, 62. Blue-Cloud-Man, 63. Fingers, 64. Sacred-Teeth, 65. Searching-Cloud, 66. Female-Elk-Boy, 67. Little-Owl, 68. Pretty-Horse, 69. Running-Eagle, 70. Makes-enemy, 71. Prairie-Chicken, and 72. Fred-Flute-Woman . Each figure has a small number printed below it for purposes of identification. The drawings are done in brown with red and blue accents. The first figure in the upper left-hand corner of this plate represents Iron-Crow, the third sub-chief of Chief Big-Roadâe(tm)s Band, his rank being designated by the decorated pipe and pouch before him. He is adorned with a large cross. Three red and blue transverse
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