1883 Vellum DS- Lease By Explosives Co., Sgd Directors & Early Cricket Pro

Vellum document, May 24, 1883, London, being a 21-year lease of rooms in a building owned by the "Explosive Company Lmtd." to George Thompson Powell (1839-1912). The terms of the lease are laid out with boilerplate language prohibiting Powell to have any "inflammable explosive or noxious smelling substance, or any hazardous goods," yet making an exception for "limited quantities of samples of explosives" (as long as the Powell agrees to reimburse the Company for any damage done as a result of the samples). There is an 1885 addendum on the reverse of the document, whereby The Explosives Company Lmtd. reorganizes into "The New Explosives Company, Ltd." which requires them to get approval (which was done) from Powell. The document is signed on behalf of the Explosive Company by Archibald James Nutt and Frederick Thorn as appointed liquidators of the old explosive company, and also by the company directors: Alfred Wright, T. Heyworth, Hugh D. Sandeman, H. H. Heath, Charles Faunst, and F. S. Herbert as Solicitor, and Thomas Large as clerk of the company. The Explosives Company Lmtd. made Guncotton, and Guncotton pulp for smokeless powder used by the British Navy and Army in shells, torpedoes, submarine and other mines. They were the original manufacturer's of Sir Frederick Abel's compressed guncotton. They also made smokeless powder for ... read more