1884 Silas Wallace,N.H.,Civil War Capt.SIGNED DEED!!!

His name was Silas R.Wallace.In serve din the regt.from N.H. during the Civil War.This document lot is from his later life of living in Manchester,N.H. he never left.He returned back their to N.H. after the war as a survivor! This is his personal paper he owned and handled in N.H. IF YOU GO TO AND TYPE HIS NAME IN FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE YOU WILL SEE HIS REGT.,UNIT,DIV....AWESOME piece of real live history that you do not see everyday! Some really vintage handwritten ink on this neat piece from the past! Boy if you could only see who handled this document or wrote it.It would blow our minds! Maybe your family from this part of the country? FRAMEABLE DOCUMENT FOR PLEASURE OR A GIFT FOR SOMEONE! Looks and feels so much better in front of you.It is all original and not a copy! Will not be disappointed! Research is needed on this document.Rare I would imagine! Time to check your family records.It might surprise you.We have reunited family over the years with our documents we find at sales and such! This is a fasinating document of people that lived in this part of the country years ago! If you had family their you might be surprised to find them in this document.Anyway cost to ship to you will be only 2.00 please.Weather you buy 1 document from me or multiple documents in my other auctions.I only charge you 2.00! I pick up the tap on the rest ... read more