1886 BIBLE STORIES PICTURES Charles Foster 315 Antique

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�� B ible Pictures and What They Teach Us - Containing 315 Illustrations from the Old and New Testaments with brief descriptions by the Author

�� Written by: Charles Foster
�� Published by: Charles Foster’s Publications, Philadelphia, PA 1886, 232 pp

A wealth of antique Bible story illustrations fill this antique book from 1886, written 125 years ago. The book features cherished and classic Bible Stories that are profusely illustrated. Some of the antique engraving style illustrations and drawings are full page size, some are half or quarter page size. The book measures 8-¼” x 10”.

Here is a word from the Author: “Pictures are the delight of children, who sometimes receive impressions from them that are never afterward wholly effaced. We often hear persons in mature life say, ’How well I remember the pictures in such a book that I used to pore over in the home of my childhood. More than three hundred pictures from the Bible will be found in this volume. A short explanation accompanies each one. In preparing these the writer has endeavored to make them simple enough for little children to
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