1887 Morgan Silver ~ PCGS MS 66 ~ Bright Rainbow Toning

High Grade 1887 Gem ~ PCGS MS66 Morgan Silver Dollar with Rainbow Toned Eagle
Trends: $650 or more with Rainbow toning! !
Best of both worlds --> Big time Certification Grade plus Bright Rainbow Toning!
NOTE: After listing this auction, a fellow Ebay member emailed me to say that this coin might have a VAM-26 (Slanted Date) variation. This minting die variation is where the number 1 (in the date 1887 ) is closest to the rim and the 7 is furthest away from the rim, which makes the date slanted. I'm not a VAM expert but I added a close up shot of the date (picture #4) so you can be the judge. Having a VAM-26 variation would just add more value to this coin.
This immaculate coin has shiny iridescent rainbow toning on the reverse with a pretty combination of golden yellows, magentas and cyan blues. The obverse is blast white and crystal clear, with a tremendous luster and light golden toning around the date and stars on the lower right.
Online pictures do NOT do justice for this amazingly well preserved and stunning piece!
The coin in the pictures is the exact coin you are bidding on and will receive. This beautiful coin is securely stored in a perfectly sealed PCGS hard plastic "slab" case.
Insurance and delivery confirmation (signature required) are included in the shipping price.
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