1887S Silver Seated Liberty Dime High Grade - FREE SHIPPING

Here is a very nice High Grade 1887S Silver Seated Liberty Dime. This is from a collection in an unclaimed locker in Grand Central Station in New York City that I finally got rights to after a long battle.
I have a lot of coins from this collection, most of which I will be selling. There is a lot of silver coins and old pennies. There is a lot of small bags of pennies I will sell as is, many rolls and a lot of single pennies. I do not know all of the errors and am not an expert on condition on many coins, so please look at the pictures carefully to see if the coins have the details you are looking for.
The coin or coins pictured are the one/s for bid. I take the best pictures I can. Any questions, please ask.
Items are shipped within 1 business day. Any questions, please ask. That goes for after you receive the item, as well as before the auction ends.