Salvage lot (BIG dates have been cherry-picked) but tons of individual pages you can go through for enjoyment or profit.

I WANT YOUR BUSINESS, so I am going to give you a lot of SINGLE papers that you can sell individually and at least double whatever the final price is for this lot - Try us out as a seller and you will always be 100% taken care of - I have 100's of newspapers, so in order for me to get more business from you, I need to make sure you make money if you're trying to re-sell these.

You are bidding on the following newspaper pages:

Newspaper : Chicago Tribune predominantly, but others like Milwaukee Journal are in t

Dates : Various dates but I've seen 1888, 1889, 1894, 1892, 1898, 1906, 1924, 1926 - t are others

Subject Matter : Mostly Sports pages (lots of baseball), not too many box scores, but t are pages of other topics. T are a few pages that have been separated that I think can go for $15-$25 as well those will be included.

Condition : Both Silked and Non-Silked (See below for explanation), Average to Below Average (please don't expect mint), Paper Edge Loss, formerly bound now unbound in a different bindings,

Usefulness : T are a few pages themselves that can sell by themselves (Babe Ruth, vintage comics) that are separated already. I would think that
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