This is an amber brown bottle with label on front the says "New label adopted February 22, 1888. Dr. Harter's Trademark - The Only True - Iron Tonic. The label goes on to say Aids Digestion and Corrects the Stomach. Will Prevent and Cure Dyspepsia, Chills, Fever, and Malaria. Regulates the Kidneys and Liver. The label goes on to say much more. The label is in great condition. The bottle measures 9 1/2" High X 3 1/4" Wide X 1 3/4" Thick. The cork is in the neck of the bottle and (the cork) has chips from it. One side of the bottle has embossed lettering that says IRON TONIC. The other side has the same lettering but says DR.HARTER"S. This is a very nice bottle.