1889 Kerosene Lamp Light , Fostoria Glass Co. of Ohio

RARE Fostoria Glass Co. of Ohio 1889 Kerosene Lamp

For auction is a RARE, one of a kind, Fostoria Kerosene Lamp patented May 21, 1889. This is a gorgeous, ornate antique lamp. This is a high dollar lamp for the era it was made in. It was pulled out of an attic in Ridgeley, West Virginia, as is seen. We believe this lamp to be all original, with no repairs, we can not be sure of the shade and globe. We have no way of knowing if they have been replaced, or are still original, but we are selling it just like we found it.

This kerosene lamp was made by the Fostoria Glass Company of Fostoria, Ohio. Light is made out of a metal, not sure what kind, but it has a nice, heavy patina on the outside of all the surface. It could be silver or silver plate with heavy patinia. When removing some of the parts for pictures and inspection you can see that w the metal has not been exposed to light and air as much is no patinia and it has a silver look. Lamp is very ornate from the bottom to the top. The legs of the lamp are in the shape of what appear to be animal feet, t are 3 of them. As the legs go from the floor to the top, the metal twists into a loop, and continues upward. They are attached to a center pole, which has a twisted, spiral design on it. When they reach the top area of the center pole, the ends of the legs have a
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