1889-O Morgan Silver Dollar 18-9 TOP 100, VAM 6, EXTREMELY RARE, See below

This coin was originally in a PCI MS-63 Holder. Just received back from NGC: There are many types of VAM 6, but this one is unusually rare. Here is the explanation of the 1889 / 18-9 O, from NGC. 1889/18-9 O TOP -100 S$1 VAM-6 and what the 18-9 means. " It means that numerals 18 and 9 show repunching, but the second 8 does not." I have spoken with two of the top 3 auction houses in the U.S. and neither has sold one of these. An internet search shows ebay sold one MS 60 and one MS 61 in Europe. I can not find any other 18-9 O in the world. Therefore, a valuation on this coin is near impossible.

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