1889 Morgan Silver Dollar Solid BU+ excellent coin A745

Payment is due when auction completes. New Selling Rules, effective immediately, please read:
Rule 1 When you have tracking information, the coin has been shipped. The Post Office here does not consistently scan packages, frequently sends packages to the wrong zip code, and delays delivery, missing the estimated delivery time up to 20% of the time. I am not responsible for poor performance by lazy Post Office employees. If you open a case against me wanting to know your package is, the answer is I don't know, call the Post Office at and give them your tracking information. I have found that packages, never having been scanned , will mysteriously appear in your mailbox after you call them and complain. I will not respond to open cases wanting to know where packages are - they are in the hands of the Post Office. Call them.
Rule 2 If you need to contact me for some reason and open a case, again, I will not respond to you. eBay counts all open cases against sellers, freezes money the instant the case is open, therefore simply opening a case is harmful. Opening a case against me will result in your being immediately blocked from bidding. If you need to contact me, then contact me, as a buyer eBay will give you my personal contact information, but DO NOT open a case.
Rule 3 When you leave feedback, if you choose to leave
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