1889 VAM 16 NGC MS 62 Morgan Silver Dollar - Gene L. Henry Legacy Collection

The Gene L. Henry Silver Dollar Hoard

The VAM Dollar Legacy Collection

It is with great honor that I was selected to purchase silver dollars, from what will go down as one of the most astonishing silver dollar hoards of all time!

The hoard was assembled by one of the Northwest's top Numismatists Gene L. Henry. Gene had over 50 plus years dedicated to the coin business in the Seattle area and was a mainstay at all the major coin shows in the United States. During his career Gene accumulated an inventory estimated to contain over 135,000 Silver Dollars making it the largest discovered hoard since the famous Redfield Hoard. This hoard was discovered after his unfortunate and untimely death last year by the executors of his estate. NGC one of the worlds leading grading services was in agreement that a collection of this magnitude should be recognized with it own private labeling in honor and recognition of this incredible hoard and to etch the legacy of this numismatic pioneer in coin history. Two labels have been created for this hoard The Great Northwest Collection and The Gene L. Henry legacy collection. We have labeled his incredible VAM dollars in the LEGACY holder. Gene was one of the top VAM dollar collectors in the country and contributed his findings to many of the publications about VAM's . His vast collection was
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