1889 world's fair veterinary med horse dr tools case

This auction is for one (1) absolutely fantastic 1889 EXPOSTITION UNIVERSELLE VETERINARY HORSE INSTRUMENT CASE! This great piece of early medical history was acquired from an Maine estate sale. (Found in the attic trunk, along with some other medicinal tools and bottles that will be listed in my other auctions soon.) A rare piece, this kit is a great example of early agricultural equipment -- materials are steel, brass, leather, and ebony. Graillot was a Parisian manufacturer, successful from the 1880s +, who teamed up with a French doctor at the time to recreate/improve medical and veterinary equipment and tools! Then, as is the case now, we all have a tool kit handy at home for simple maintenance and repairs. Most rural people in the mid-1800s (the day of true horse power!) owned their own kit of veterinary instruments to keep animals, primarily horses and cattle, moving. The craftsmen who made these instruments/vet tools were known as cutlers. This is an unusual, uncommon piece of history in that it was from only the 2d World's Fair, 1889, that was initially designed to focus on trade. This fair, in Paris, France, along with the Expo's from 1851 and 1900, were landmarks in respect to the technological advancements and inventions introduced! EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE 1889 lasted from May through October that year and was held during ... read more