Up for auction are log/diary pages that were written by Garrison McCaskey while aboard the USS Saratoga and he and his fellow student sailors were on a training voyage from the East Coast of the United States to England and back in 1890. This voyage was part of the training that he was receiving as a student in the Pennsylvania Nautical School. The USS Saratoga was their training vessel.

This matieral comes from the estate of Major General William S. McCaskey. Garrison McCaskey was one of William McCaskey's sons. William McCaskey was a Captain with the U.S. Army and was stationed at Fort Assinniboine, Montana at the time these log/diary pages were written.

In 1899 their son, Garrison McCaskey, had decided to apply for enrollment in the Pennsylvania Nautical School in Philadelphia. He was seventeen years old at the time he applied. This was a two year course of study. "The main object of the school is to educate American boys, to become good seamen for the Merchant service. In order to give intelligent and industrious youth ample opportunity to advance to the highest position offered by our Mercantile Marine, and to familiarize all(looking to the possible contingency of war) with the general duties of "men of war's men," the discipline and routine of the Navy will be observed as far as applicable." The USS Saratoga was
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