1890s antique advertising paperweight, W. Dewees Wood Company, McKeesport, PA

This is a very early milk glass bottom style paper weight advertising a manufacture of sheet iron and steel factory. Made by the Abrams Paperweight company, Monaca, Pennsylvania. Picture shows horse and buggies on plant property. In very nice condition. No chips or cracks, etc. Some history I found online regarding this Mckeesport, Penn, company is below:

Though almost all McKeesporters realize that the city was once home to U.S. Steel's massive National Works, many have probably forgotten or never even knew about its most important predecessor, known to old-timers as "Wood's Works."
W. Dewees Wood traveled from Philadelphia to McKeesport in 1851, bringing with him a patented process for "planishing" iron --- a method of hammering and polishing iron to make it flexible and shiny. "Planished" iron resisted heat and rust and was much in demand for use on locomotive boilers, roofing materials, and for stoves and stove pipes.
The mill, which was eventually absorbed into U.S. Steel and was modernized to produce stainless and chromium steel, closed in 1954. It was demolished to allow the expansion of National Works.
But Wood was here first --- more than 20 years before National Tube Works Co. was founded by a group of Boston, Mass., investors, and before even the railroad arrived in McKeesport.