1890's Cabinet Card Photo Eli Bowen Charles Tripp

UP FOR AUCTION : 1890's cabinet card photo by photographer Wendt of Boonton, N. J., as stated on the hardboard with caption of : BOWEN & TRIPP-TANDEM EXPERTS. Interesting celebrity photo of Charles B. Tripp the armless man and Eli Bowen the legless man . This intersting photo is showing Tripp on the back peddling and Bowen on the front, steering this tandem bicycle. Actual photo (mounted lengthwise) not including the hardboard mount backing, measures 3 and 13/16ths inches in height x 5 and 5/8th inches in width. PLEASE READ ABOUT THE CONDITION and PHOTO ENHANCEMENT.

BRIEF HISTORY OF : Charles B. Tripp born (without arms) in 1855 in Woodstock, Canada and died in 1939. Charles learned to dress himself, shave and write using his feet. Early years of Tripps life he made his living as a skilled carpenter/cabinet maker-working with detailed wood inlay designs when making his cabinets. In 1872 he joined Barnum's Circus and was hired without delay! His career as an oddity performer lasted for over fifty years, and he traveled with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey as well as with a number of carnivals. In his acts, he performed such tasks as penmanship, portrait painting and paper cutting. At the turn of the century, Charles became interested in photography and was known as "The Armless Photographer". Charles Tripp was well
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