1890's Holtzer-Cabot open frame FAN MOTOR - Scarce !

Holtzer Cabot fan motor See 11 Photos Below
Ended previous auction early to relist this item in a different catagory (Kitchen - Electric Fans)
An old 1890's fan motor by Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company of Boston, Mass. This is an early open frame motor and tag indicates it is for 110 volts, I assume it is for Alternating Current. Serial number on tag is #1810
Motor looks in good physical condition, some loss of red pin-stripping in some areas. Resistance of motor winding as measured on the two big brass binding post is 30 ohms. Has two big funnel shaped cups on top which I assume are for oil.
Biggest problem is one of the brass brush holders is missing (see photos below). T is one complete one with brass sleve, spring and brass screw-on cap. Another brass tube is provide (not original) that will work for repair purposes, all that is needed is to make the brass cap nut and a piece of carbon material. I believe the brushes mount in the two openings on one side of motor. Looks like one of the brush holders on the motor frame is missing a circular insulating sleeve inside, nothing that can't be made.
Overall I think this is a great fan motor and a very desirable piece of historical electrical apparatus.
I am selling this for the owner of item, both him and I really are not experts in this type of item. The owner
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