Rare 1890's Pyrograph Book/Manual with Finished Box an Pyrographic kit equipment

Very unusual .. You are bidding on a complete pyrography kit with accompanying book. The history of pyrography is that during the late 1800's the invention of pyrography machines sparked a widespread interest in the craft, and it was at this time that the term "pyrography" was coined In the late 19th century, an Australian architect by the name of Al Smart discovered that water-based paint could be applied hot to wood by pumping benzoline fumes through a heated hollow platinum pencil .[ ] This improved the pokerwork process by allowing the addition of tinting and shading that were previously impossible. The pyrography equipment is included in the smaller box which consists of glass, tubes , diaphragm and pencil like materials .The magazine is dated 1896 and serves as pyrography manual. The book measures 8 X 11", the box made by Weber of Philadelphia is 7" in length and 4" in height. The finished product, the box, measures 12 X 6 and quite ornate with a working latch. Shipping $8.00