1890s Tiffany Studios Favrile Artichoke Tulip Shade

1890s Tiffany Studios Favrile Artichoke Tulip Shade

Nineteenth Century...Extremely Rare!

Once again, I'm honored to offer another exquisite piece of Tiffany from an old collection, this one in the form of an extremely early signed Tiffany Studios artichoke or tulip shade in irradecsent favrile glass with green feathers bordered in gold. It is in perfect mint condition.

This client has been slowly deaccessioning a forty year collection of art and glass and over the last several months, I listed high end art and glass for him with names like Tiffany, Stueben, Alexander Farnham, etc.

This rare piece is possibly the earliest artichoke or tulip you may ever see. The owner relishes in directing my attention to the many primitive techniques and clues in workmanship of this globe that are indicative of having been blown in the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company in the old building, circa 1895.

Studying the pictures, you see them too. They include the slightly abstract blown form of the edge that makes it slightly less than round, measuring 3-1/8 to 3-1/4 inches. The edge crimps are also not quite symmetrical. The green at the base of one of the feathers is a little thick at the base. Impurities are evident throughout this glass blown in Tiffany's first building using his early experimental and primitive

In perfect condition, it measures 5 inches long with a 3-1/2 inch girth and a 2-1/8 to 21/4 inch fitter rim, and has no fitter ring flecks, checks, cracks, or other .

These pictures are huge; please click on them twice to fully expand them for your inspection. This item has a very modest reserve. Good luck with your bids.

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