c 1890s--6 vintage photos Pago Pago SAMOA Natives, Warrior Chiefs

Here are SIX vintage photographs featuring native islanders in SAMOA. In one of the photographs is a 44-star USA flag, which would date these images to the 1890s. Being these are enlargements, I'm not sure they are original to the 1890s per se, but they are definitely quite old and are on old photo paper. The clarity in the images is nice and sharp, but a couple of the photos have a bit of haziness at the very edges, and there's one photo (bottom left corner) that has a glare area on the left side. Five of the photos have a caption bar at the bottom, and they read as follows: A Group of Samoan Islanders at Pago Pago, Samoan Warrior Chiefs in Full Dress, A War Dance of the Samoan Islanders, A ________________ Pago Pago (can't read most of the words), a fifth photo's caption bar is all black with no lettering, and the sixth photo has no caption. Only one photo has writing on the back--"Pago Pago" written in pencil. The images on all these photos are quite interesting. My guess is these were originally slated to be made cabinet photos, and the photos ended up not getting mounted on cardboard. A nice, old, vintage lot! BUYER to pay the cost of shipping, which is $3.50 in the USA. Payment by Paypal please.