1891CC GSA Silver Dollar Carson City Sharp,White Detail

if you plan to acquire a really nice GSA 1891-CC Most of the mintage in this date was either melted or released into circulation. That has driven the price of higher grade ones right through the roof.

It's best to cancel that date off the list for a really high-end specimen. Instead, focus on getting the best coin for the money and that's w this one comes in.

The mintage figure for the 1891-CC (1,618,000) means t just aren't enough for every collection to have a high graded one. Now i am not saying this coin is a high grade, but i took so real good pics of this coin and i would bet the price of haveing anacs grade this, that it goes better than ms 60. look at the details of this coin and i think you would agree, but i am not a grader just a collector, so rather than listen to me look at the pictures and you decide because i dont want nobody mad at me if this coin does not go ms 60

The pictures of this very nice1891-cc morgan silver dollar indicates a good strike and great details in the key areas. Around the rims and to the centerpoint. This one will fit any collection and will be standout coin in any album. this is a great specimen for your set, a specimen like this is the type that could show a nice return on a investment in the coming years. The silver content and appearance can only help it to increase
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