1892 map of the Island of Jamaica. Large. Genuine, Detailed.

This is a map of the Island of Jamaica. It is from the 1892 edition of "Grant's Bankers and Brokers Railroad Atlas." The map measures 25 X 14 1/2 inches.

Map shows shipping routes, shipping mail routes, cities, towns, ports, and other points of interest as it was in 1892, relief shown by hachures. The thin double lines are stage coach routes, dirt transportation trails, marketing trails, and other type dirt roads used during this time period.

Condition: Paper has aged evenly and looks dull, route colors are still bright. Overall, in almost mint condition. Center fold as issued.

Would look fantastic framed under glass. Imagine this map displayed in a professionals waiting room.

Shadows seen and blurry edges are my scanner, not the map.

Since this map is identical to ones found in "Cram's Standard American Railway Atlas of the World," we will send a color copy, on standard sized printer paper, of the cover of the atlas to each buyer. See scan above.

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We will ship this map carefully rolled in kraft paper inside a pvc tube to prevent any damage in transit. It is also insured by us at no additional cost to you. This includes international shipments.

Important Note: If you like this map and cannot afford our wholesale prices, we suggest you check with the Library of Congress, or the David Rumsey map collection. Both can be found online and both can make and send copies of this map, if it's in their collections, for a fee. Library of Congress fee usually runs around $40, more for larger maps, but check around, you may find one cheaper on Zazzle or the prolific map sellers on ebay that sell only prints usually derived from the same sources, ...or us...

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