1893 Columbian Expo Liberty Medal - Eglit-101 Aluminum

This auction is for a very popular medal from the 1893 Columbian Expo held in Chicago. This medal is listed by Eglit as #101 or E-101. Nathan Eglit wrote the book on medals of Columbus and the 1893 Columbian Exposition. The medal is dated 1892 because that is the official 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America. The Fair was supposed to open in 1892 and they did have opening ceremonies in 1892, but it actually opened to the public in 1893.

This medal is 90mm and is made of aluminum. The famous face of Liberty is on the obverse while the Landing of Columbus is on the reverse. This design was made in at least four sizes, 28mm, 36mm, 50mm, and 90mm with rumors of a 120mm version but I've never seen one myself. It was also issued in many different metals including German silver, white metal, bronze, gilt, and of course aluminum.