1893 Columbian Expo Manhattan Day Statue Liberty Ticket



My family has closed their antique and collectible business after 20 years. They collected pretty much everything which will be listed as we go through the boxes. All items will be listed with NO RESERVE. If you don't see it now, check back or ask. Chances are it will show up.

is a Crisp Unissued 1893 Columbian Exposition Manhattan Day Statue of Liberty Souvenir Portrait Ticket. It has no tears, folds, creases, stains, or pinholes. The corners are squared and sharp.
The Columbian Exposition Tickets are hard to find in this condition, including the Souvenir Portrait Tickets. Many were discarded, folded, stuffed in a pocket, torn, and stained. While scrapbooking was popular countless numbers were glued into scrapbooks. Even borders are almost never seen on Columbian Souvenir Portrait Tickets and are not a factor in grading. Multicolored speckling is a normal result of the original printing process and does not effect value.
These tickets were printed by the reknowned American Bank Note Company. They were of the same exquisite quality as Fractional Currency in order to inhibit counterfeiters. Due to their similarity to Fractional notes, they are quite popular with Fractional
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