1893 Isabella Quarter Gem BU Commemorative Coin

Here is a brilliant uncirculated 1893 Isabella commemorative quarter. There were only 24,214 of these coins minted. I do apologize for my photography skills but I am learning, I think? There is just a little gold toning around the outer edge of this pretty coin and the surfaces are like a satin proof. Until the state quarters this was the only commemorative quarter ever minted by the US Mint. I don't know if you can call the state quarters commemorative coins? It is funny how history seems to repeat itself. I bought this beautiful coin from a man in Missouri about 8 years ago and the reason he was selling this coin was that he needed the money for pain pills for his wife because Medicare would not cover them. Well in a few weeks I go under the knife because for some reason the Doctors say I have the big "C". So it's time to sell some of my coins so my kids won't have to deal with them in case circumstances change. There will be over 130 of the older commemorative coins I will be listing in the next few weeks. All my coins are pretty much tone free, I like coins the way they looked when they came from the US Mints and not coins that have so much toning you can't tell what they are suppose to be? Considering the circumstances that I will be going through there will be no returns on these coins. I will describe the coins to the

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