1893 Peter Mugler Beer Sisson California Porcelain Tops

***1893 Peter Mugler Beer Sisson California Porcelain Tops***


I am pleased to offer these 7 porcelain "tops" circa 1893 Peter Mugler Beer Sisson [Mt Shasta] .California, ALL SEVEN SOLD TOGETHER, 3 LARGE AND 4 SMALL .... Pat'd K. Hutter Feb 7,1893

Roughly sixty miles north of Redding, a scenic road branches off I-5 to the tiny town that describes itself as "the best kept secret in California": MOUNT SHASTA CITY ... formerly known as SISSON named after Justin Hinckley Sisson who arrived in 1853. He claimed an area at the base of the mountain called "Huckleberry Swamp" . They operated a very successful inn and tavern. Justin Sisson was known as a mountain guide, hunter, and fisherman and for his philanthropies. An enterprising man, he reclaimed swampland and grew hay: he served as a guide to for hunters, fishermen and scientists. He is noted for hosting the famous naturalist John Muir.In April of 1875, in an effort to triangulate and eventually map northern California, an expedition was dispatched. Captain Augustus Rogers, of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey along with the naturalist and mountaineer John Muir, arrived in Mount Shasta to take barometric readings, and to determine how they would place a metal signal on the summit of Mount Shasta. ; On the trip

Sissons first stone building was built about 1890 when Peter and Albert Mugler, from Germany, brought to the area the knowledge of brewing good beer. The lava stone building has walls two-foot thick, with the stone cut perfectly straight. T is a trickle of spring water that runs through the cellar, keeping the room cool. It can be seen in the alley to the east of Chestnut Street. While beer is no longer manufactured in the old stone structure, it is still in used as a soda bottling and distribution plant.


Vintage old original items, please see photos .. ... what a find !!! ....

Highly collectible this item will make a great addition to any beer COLLECTION ...

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