1893 single burner cast iron portable stove

A very unusual portable cooking stove/surface was intended to be very portable,has a flat grate on top for cooking,warming,etc.water,food,etc.grate and fuel resorvior is cast iron,center area is heavy sheet iron/metal with mica window to throw light no doubt and could be used as a light source as well as a cooking stove and even throw some heat .Is approx. 9" tall x 4 1/2" wide on top.Top is hindged to allow wick to be lit,also has a knob,on side, to adjust wick up and down,with a very generous finger hold to keep stove stable when opening.Above finger hold is a flexible catch to keep machine closed while in use or when moving item.Is marked on mica window side,"No.1 summer girl" on opposite side is marked "pat.Dec.26,1893 with a triangle and the letter 'C" in inverted triangle, with fuel opening along this side as well.All original except for fuel cap,which is old but screws on and opening has no threads,perhaps opening was originally capped with a cork or some type of stopper.Machine is in remarkable condition and looks as though it would still work,I see no cracks or chips or tears to metal.Still retains wick and mica in window.You may request more pictures with a email address.I've bought and sold antiques for the better part of 25 yrs. but can't recall ever seeing one of these it may be the only one in captivity.