1893 THROUGH COLONIAL DOORWAYS by Wharton w Publisher Letterhead Signed NY

Through Colonial Doorways by Anne Hollingsworth Wharton. Published by J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia , 1893. This appears to be the first printing of the fourth edition.

This book comes with a letter (on publisher / Lippincott letterhead) in the front, which I believe is addressed to a Mr. Huckel. The inscription on the next page appears to me to read Samuel Huckel Jr. I do not know the original provenance on this - but, I believe this could be Samuel Huckel Jr., a prominent New York architect who designed an update to Grand Central Station. As the book is about New York life, and the timing and name match, it appears this may be the original provenance. I am selling as is, with no guarantee as to the person named in the letter and inscription.

The letter states, "Will Mr. Huckel kindly accept this copy of Colonial Doorways with compliments. It would have gone down before, but the 3rd edition was exhausted and we had to wait for the present copy to come down."

The inscription on the flyleaf appears to be from the illustrator and seems to read, "To Samuel Huckel Jr. with compliments of the illustrator. [unsure] Hallowell. Oct. 10th, 93."

The chapters include:

Through Colonial Doorways

The Meschianza

New York Balls and Receptions

The American Philosophical Society

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