1894ca-AFL-Plow Fitters Union No. 7044-Moline, IL badge

After collecting Labor Memorabilia for over forty years, I have decided to sell-off my collection of nearly 5700 Labor Union & Cause items. Many of these items have never appeared on ebay or for that matter, on any other venues selling historical pieces. Some of the pieces date back to the year of 1834 and others are from the Knights of Labor, Western Federation of Labor, IWW and other labor organizations of the late 19th century. T are Parade Badges, Pins, Convention Badges, Ribbons, Caps & Hats, 3-D items, Plates, Paper, Books, Signs & Posters of practically every union which ever existed including noted Labor leaders of the century. Most of these items are in Good, Very Good, Nice, Great, Excellent, Near-Mint, Mint and Minty-Mint Condition and also, many are Rare, Very Rare and Extremely Rare pieces.

One of the items is an Extremely Rare, 1894ca "A. F. of L. - PLOW FITTERS UNION, NO. 7044 - MO;INE, ILL" badge. These 2.875" x 9.5" badge with a tin hanger with celluloid insert and red/white/blue silk ribbon and a hanging white ribbon with two flags and an emblem/logo of the AFL is in Great Condition with a UNION BUG[stamp] on a card between two ribbons. (For accuracy purposes only, t is a ribbon split on the right-side of the black ribbon). The hanger shows the traditional "Hand in Hand" clasp and the hanging
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