1895 ART Title 4to DUTCH & FLEMING MASTERS Van Dyke 1ST

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Splendid, Large 4to, Simply if Very Sumptuously Bound Antique Art Book; lavishly illustrated w/Plates and a noted title in its field. 1st UK/1st. 1895 . Fisher Unwin, Presents excellently; and internally Very Fine. 30 full-page wood-engravings after Old Dutch and Flemish Masters... by Timothy Cole. In particular...

Old Dutch And Flemish Masters Engraved By Timothy Cole With Critical Notes By John C. Van Dyke And Comments By The Engraver. Aside from the aesthetics of the binding, note that the text by John C. Van Dyke and engravings of celebrated paintings by Tim othy Cole were lauded at the time and today (see below).

ABOUT John C. Van Dyke ...

A rt critic, librarian * 1st professor of art historian at Rutgers University. Van Dyke's father, also John van Dyke (1807-1878), congressman and supreme court justice of NJ, and his mother, Mary Dix Strong, daughter of Rutgers mathematician Theodore Strong (1790-1869). Van Dyke's appeal as an art critic and art historian was his spare prose style and critical analysis free of eccentric rhetoric typical of the American art community of
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