1895 STRANGE PEOPLE Card Game, complete, ethnic types Fireside Game Co ship free

In 1895 title, Strange meant "foreign" more than "weird". Pack consists of 52 different cards in 13 "books" of 4 each. Various ethnic types are shown, of which my personal favorite is Far Away Moses (see picture). Cards are in fine condition. The box however is what's left of the original inner and outer box portions, taped together, with the result that the rules card affixed to the lid can still be seen stuck there. Fair warning: the picture made the box look brighter than it actually is!

If you separate the tape repair you can get to a full view of the rules card.

Publisher is Fireside Game Co, Cincinnati Ohio, formed in 1895 as a branch of US Playing Card Co. This, #1100 was their first in a series of some 35 or so Educational card games starting with that number. Free shipping.