1896 Jugend Cover Art Nouveau Print Mother and Child

Mother and Child Magazine Print

Original magazine Print

Signed in the bottom right corner

Artist: Witzel, J.R.

Year publishing: 1896

Magazine: Jugend (DE)
Approximate overall Size (inches): 8.27 x 11.61
Approximate overall Size (cm): 21 x 29.5

Quality: The print is in very good condition unless otherwise noted - in the top right corner there is a black ink postal stamp - K.K.Zeitung-Stempel and some slight overall handling wear
This is a single Cover page original print from JUGEND magazine, Germany

Jugend (" Youth " in German) was a German art magazine that was created in the late 19th century. It featured many famous Art Nouveau artists and is the source of the term " Jugendstil " (" Jugend -style"), the German version of Art Nouveau

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