1897 Stereoview Underwood Photograph Graeco Turkish War

This antique slide is for the Stereoviews of the past. It is called For "Faith and Fatherland" - Fighting Priest and his flock. 1897. It was the year of the Graeco-Turkish War, also known as the 30 Days War. Anyway, this stereoview slide is in terrific condition, sepia toned and has the patented curvature on a hard card. It is by Underwood & Underwood, and JF Jarvis Publishers. On the back it says, "Faith and Fatherland - Fighting Priest and his flock. "And then it says that five more times in different languages.
The photo seems almost whimsical, they have made teepees from their guns. It measures 7 by 3.5 inches. Thank you for looking at my auction. Check out my other items !